Pasó en Azul un 24 de abril

1876: Inicio de la campaña de ampliación de fronteras, parte de nuestra ciudad a

la zona de Coronel Pringles un importante número de militares, al mando de Adolfo

Alsina, Ministro de Guerra durante la presidencia de Nicolás Avellaneda.


with various cultural activities. The constitutive meeting is in the Social Club

(Alsina -current Yrigoyen- between Burgos and Uriburu -current De Paula-), to then move on to

Hall of the French Society (top floor of the Piazza Gallery). between the attendees and

members of the first commission are Agustín Rogelio Vidal, Aquiles Ecker, Omar Nieto,

Armando Paternó, Celia Martino, Edith Vidal and Adolfo Godoy.

1951: The Civic Education Center «Mariano Moreno» announces the activity of the year,

announcing that prominent figures in the field of

lyrics: Adolfo Mitre, José Belbey, Alfredo L. Palacios, Roque Lanús, Luciano F. Molinas,

Jorge Thenon, Juan Antonio Solari, José María Drago, Herminia Brumana, Horacio Thedy,

Américo Ghioldi, Florencio Escardó, Roberto Giusti and Díaz Arana.

Norberto Di Tomaso, a student of the Blue Aeronautical Association, meets the requirements to be promoted to the national «C» category for glider pilots, by making a 36-minute flight at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

Organized by the Cacharí Automobile Club, a Ford T race is held at the «9 de Julio» circuit in that town. In the first series José María Castaño wins, and in the second Ovidio Ferreyra. The final is won by Ferreyra, escorted by Castaño.

1958: Mr. Donato A. Santomauro is awarded the license for LU10 Radio Azul and becomes

charge of the station.

1970: On the 50th anniversary of School No. 101 in Chillar (its predecessor), the

building of School No. 56 «Islas Malvinas» (since 1973).

1993: Peripheral sectors of the city are flooded due to the water that comes down from the mountains.

1995: The construction of the Miter and Cáneva avenues roundabout begins. It is during the

mandate of Mayor Héctor Rodríguez.

By Ordinance No. 1344, the Deliberative Council unanimously approves calling the «Alfonsina Storni» neighborhood the hitherto known as the «120 dwellings neighborhood».

The President of the Nation, Carlos Saúl Menem, in a proselytizing campaign, attends the inauguration of the robotic plant of Cerámica San Lorenzo, and together with Governor Eduardo Duhalde and Juan Atilio Barberena (candidate for mayor), carry out a caravan «of loyalty through the streets of the city.

Former Atlanta, Boca Juniors and Deportivo La Coruña soccer player Jorge Daniel Ribolzi gives a talk at the Soccer League, as part of the technical directors course.

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